Short recordings: performed by Naoki Ueo

T. Susato: Schafertanz (MP3 1.3MB)

German Harpsichord after J. C. Fleischer, 1710
M. Weckmann: Toccata (MP3 4.4MB)

Italian harpsichord after Giacomo Ridolfi, 1665

 from G. Frescobaldi: Cento Partte sopre Passacagli (MP3 2.0MB)

Flemish harpsichord after Joannes Ruckers, 1638

 from L. Coupoerin: Pavanne (Back 8' single MP3 2.4MB)

from J. S. Bach: Italian Concerto 1st mov. (Back 8' + Front 8', MP3 1.5MB)

Italian virginal after Marco Jadra, 1552

 from G. Picchi: Pass'e Mezzo No. 1 (MP3 2.8MB)

Fretted Clavichord after Christian Gottlob Hubert, 1784

 from J. S. Bach: Chromatic Fantasy (MP3 1.5MB)

Flemish virginal after Joannes Ruckers, 1629

 from J. Bull: Variation of the Quadran Pavan (MP3 2.0MB)

Square piano after John Broadwood and Sons, 1815

 from G. F. Pinto: Grand Sonata 1st mov.  (MP3 2.0MB)

from G. F. Pinto: Grand Sonata 2nd mov. (MP3 2.6MB)