Akio Obuchi
started harpsichord building in 1969.  After visiting museums and instrument builders in Europe in 1975, "learning from historical works" has been his fundamental attitude of instrument making.  He makes replica of extant instruments or new instruments which can be categorized with period and countries. In replica making, he aims to reproduce the aim that intended by the maker of original instruments. He always keeps tone characters of finished instruments in mind through the entire proecess of making instruments. Since the first experimental Geigenwerk was made in 1993, he cannot give-up his dream of keyboard instrument with which the player can control tone pitch and dynamics, he continuously challenges making mechanically bowed keyboard instruments.@

He started violin lessons at seven years old.  Through his experience in playing the violin in symphonic orchestra, chamber ensemble, and baroque consort, his interest buildup more on period instruments, and studied baroque violin with Keiko Watanabe, since 1984.  He is performing concerts with his friends in churches and other places.  

In 1971, he received MS degree in mechanical engineering from Nihon University.  His working career started with research and development on electro-acoustic transducers at Pioneer Electronic Corp.  Then, moved to Schlumberger Oilfield Services Inc. to further develop his professional career, contributing in R&D programs on acoustic measurements for oil and natural gas explorations.  After working several years for Vodafone Co., Ltd. he resigned in 2004. Since then, his time is fully dedicated for research and making period keyboard instruments.  

Member: Japan Clavichord Society
            American Musical Instrument Society