English Square Piano   

Compass: FF - c'''' 

Size: 1658mmW x 622mmD x 245mmH
1. Note on the restoration of the original instrument by Kunitachi College of Music.  

The builder would like to express his thanks to Mr. H. Inoue of Kunitachi College of Music for his kind support of frequent study on measurements and detailed observations of the original instrument. 

Model: John Broadwood and Sons, 1815 
According to the big wave of Industrial Revolution, in the last period of the 18th century, keyboard instruments started to be built in factory like workshops and even today, plural number of original instruments of this square piano can be found. In this period, a number of piano makers moved to England from other regions of Europe, Austria and Germany in particular. Square piano, originally invented by putting hammers in a clavichord, has different origin from grand piano, which was born by putting hammers in a harpsichord.